Protect inside as well as out.

Duration less than 1 Day​
Price ​S/M from £70 +VAT
L from £90 +VAT


Protect inside as well as out.
Duration less than 1 Day
Price S/M from £70 +VAT
L from £90 +VAT
The interior of a vehicle is made up of a complex mixture of surfaces and materials, requiring many different treatments to keep it looking it's best.

Every surface within the interior can now be thoroughly cleaned safely and effectively through detailing, followed by total surface protection.

Add an interior detail onto your exterior package to ensure nothing goes unnoticed or unprotected.


All great details begin with a thorough inspection of the current state of each vehicle. Once inspected, we can then decide on the necessary steps to safely revert each surface back to as close to pristine condition.

Total Inspection

Pre-detail total inspection, checking materials to ensure correct treatment for each surface.


A perfect finish on any vehicle is mainly attributed to the initial preparation of all surfaces, via a multitude of safe cleansing steps.

Carpets Vacuum

Carpets thoroughly vacuum cleaned with various ends to reach intricate areas.

Dashboard Cleanse

Radio and clocks wiped down with matte dash spritz to remove dust, light marks and dirt.

Interior Glass Wipe-down

Interior glass wiped down with a premium glass cleaner.

Interior Crevice Agitation

Intricate details in the interior are agitated with soft brushes and mist detailing spray. Pedals cleansed and polished.

Rubber Treatment

Rubber and trims cleaned.


Further to the preparation of each surface, this is where the transformations really take place. Through a series of enhancement steps including paint correction, we aim to restore original lustre and in some cases, surpass a factory finish.


Seats cleansed with material specific shampoo.


Leather deep cleansed and treated if necessary.

Steering Wheel
Deep cleanse and treatment of steering wheel.

Pedals polished or cleansed depending on material.


Once each surface has undergone a transformation, it’s important to lock in the results and finishes with a protective layer over every area.

Protective coatings applied to seats, carpets and mats.

Plastics and Dash
Protective coatings applied to plastics, clocks, radio and dash.

Protective coatings applied to leather seats, door cards and steering wheel.


We ensure the post-detail collection of your vehicle to be a special occasion. Grab a coffee - lets have a chat about the maintenance and after-care of your newly detailed vehicle.

A thorough inspection is conducted to confirm all areas have been covered and that all sealants have been applied successfully.

Customer collection and walk around, ensuring complete customer satisfaction before hand-over.


Get the most from your interior protection service with these optional extras.

Fog repellent windscreen coating (£30)
Advanced coatings applied to the windscreen aid fog repellent.

Steam cleaning of upholstery (£75)
Deep-clean fabrics with steam cleaning.

Wet Vacuum extraction (£99)
Get rid of embedded dirt and stains for an immaculate outcome.

Gtechniq total surface protection (£130)
Complete fabric protection with added hydrophobic effects.

Leather repair (from £110)
Rejuvenate damaged leather and restore to an excellent condition.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get booked in and treat your pride and joy with the special attention it deserves.

Heavily soiled interiors will increase price. Please make us aware of heavily soiled interiors whilst booking.
Parts other than those mentioned above are optional extras, please ask at the time of booking for best prices.
All customer requests will be considered and we will endeavour to give a bespoke customer service.