Frozen White Ford Focus RS Protection Detail
Ibis White Audi TT New Car Protection Detail

Protecting every surface of your vehicle after a full decontamination, the protection detail is one of our more popular treatments and can give the best show shine or longest-lasting protection available on the market today.


Depending on preference, we can coat your car in the finest waxes and glazes for that ultimate show shine, or give it a more durable and slick finish with sealants that can protect your vehicle for up to two years.


Wheels, plastics, glass, metal and paintwork are all protected as standard.

A new car will most likely be the second biggest purchase anyone will make, so ensure your car is being picked up in the best condition possible and protected from the elements.


Using Gtechniq Total Surface Protection, we will coat the car in a ceramic sealant that becomes the functional top coat of the paint, offering self-cleaning, scratch resistance and hydrophobic water behaviour for years.


Wheels, plastics, glass, metal and paintwork are all protected as standard.

ABC Detailing Machine Polishing Correction
BMW 335D Enhancement Detail

Stepping up another level, the correction process includes a 3-stage polish of paintwork, removing as many swirls, blemishes and deep scratches as is safe and sensible considering the lifespan of the car.


After a correction detail the finish on any vehicle will be concourse-winning and 'as new'; perfect for reviving or preparing for sale of a vehicle, adding strong value.


Wheels, plastics, glass, metal and paintwork are all protected as standard.

Taking vehicle preparation to the next level, the Enhancement Detail is as per the Protection Detail but includes a single-stage machine polish, removing light swirls and blemishes resulting in an outstanding finish.


Wheels, plastics, glass, metal and paintwork are all protected as standard.


ABC Detailing Leather Detailing
ABC Detailing Master Ultimate Detail

Take your vehicle back to it's birth.


This is our flagship detail, leaving nothing untouched until perfection is achieved. Paintwork will undergo a total overhaul and will be taken back to beyond all swirls, blemishes and deep scratches where possible after considering longevity.


If parts or sections of the vehicle are worn beyond repair, they are replaced. Wheels are removed to detail and protect, engine bay steam cleaned and sealed, interior deep cleansed and paintwork protected with CQuartz Finest.


Don't settle for anything less than perfection.


As with the exterior protection detail, the interior protection detail addresses every surface and material within any automotive interior, from carbon fibre to alcantara.


Prior to nano sealant application to protect every aspect of the inside, every surface is deeply cleansed with mild and non-greasy products to ensure a natural and unclogged finish.

ABC Detailing Machine Polishing Correction

Detailing isn't limited to cars, and motorbikes are just as deserving of loving attention, whether it's a garage ornament or a daily rider.

Wheels, plastics, glass, metal, chrome and paintwork are all protected as standard, along with machine correction of painted parts and screen.

Wheel Refurbishment

One of the key components of automotive perfection is a perfect set of wheels.


We have teamed up with one of the best wheel refurbishment businesses in the country to offer a full strip-down, refurbishment, powdercoating, balancing and tyre-refit service, starting at £300 per set. Contact us for more info.

Paint Protection Film - PPF
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