There is nothing like getting a new car, and we want to keep your new purchase looking it's best.


Most dealerships offer a long term paint sealant when purchasing a new car, in the form of sealants such as Supaguard, Autoglym Lifeshine and GuardX to name a few. 


Unfortunately these are often costly and do not offer the amount of protection or durability that a full ABC Detail will, not mentioning the time-constrained, swirl-inflicting wash techniques often used by dealership valeters... if the product is even applied.


We are proud to introduce our New Car Detail, superior to any dealership protection package, with a single application lasting up to five years when opting for Gtechniq Total Surface Protection.


We can often carry out the protection detail prior to collection of your new car as with many of the cars in our blog.


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£350 (Wax)/£450 (GTechniq Glass Coatings) S-M

£370 (Wax) / £570 (GTechniq Glass Coatings) L

Gtechniq Interior Protection Included



Contrary to belief, new cars don't always arrive in factory condition due to long transportation and storage periods, allowing cars to gather brake dust, fallout and tar deposits.


ABC Detailing safely removes these contaminants without contact and leaves a sterile base for the next step of the preparation.


Leaving these contaminants or sealing them in underneath dealership-applied paint protection can prematurely dull paint and increase the early chances of surface rust.



To ensure full adhesion of the ceramic coatings, surfaces are prepared using mild polishes and paint cleansers to remove oils, leaving a perfect surface for protection.


This time taken is vital to the bonding of the coatings and is often neglected by dealership valeters due to time constraints, at the cost of durability for the protection.



Using only the best coatings in the world, ABC Detailing lays down future-proofing ceramic sealants on wheels, paintwork, glass, plastics and metals to ensure all round protection.


Protection applied will keep new cars cleaner for longer and make cleaning a much easier job, as well as the gloss-enhancement properties giving your new car a long-lasting shine.


Don't waste money on sub-standard dealership offerings and let ABC Detailing protect your new car!



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New Car Protection Detail Offer

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