Say an early hello to the winter weather and renew the gloss for 2018.

Over the course of the winter, cars become much more susceptable to picking up salt, dirt, grit and tar, which will damage paintwork and unprotected metal, as well as lowering the overall appearance of any vehicle.


Removing the build up of winter grime can be a mammoth task on an un-protected car, and incorrect washing can result in swirl marks and scratches where dirt is not removed safely. 


ABC Detailing uses state-of-the-art methods and products to safely remove this build up without contact, using PH Neutral products to ensure the longevity of your paintwork, unlike other cheaper alternative car washes.


The car is completely decontaminated of tar, brake dust, salt and general dirt, as well as the usual steps taken in our Protection Detail.


Book before the 31st December for your Winter Protection Detail and receive a complimentary upgraded coating of Swissvax Best of Show, a £200 gloss-intensifying, highly durable wax made to leave a concours-winning finish on any vehicle, along with the protection to match.


Contact us using the form on our contact page for bookings or more information.

Winter Protection Detail Offer

£160 S-M

£180 L

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