Interior Protection Detail

3-5 Hours

1 Day (Can be bolted on to a Protection Detail within same day)

Small/Medium from £70

Large from £90

The interior of a vehicle is made up of a complex mixture of surfaces and materials, requiring many different treatments to keep it looking it's best.


Every surface within the interior can now be thoroughly cleaned safely and effectively through detailing, followed by total surface protection.


Add an interior detail onto your exterior package to ensure nothing goes unnoticed or unprotected.

Optional Extras


Fog repellent windscreen coating - £30

Steam cleaning of upholstery - £75

Wet Vacuum extraction - £99

Gtechniq total surface protection - £130

Leather repair - From £110









Heavily soiled interiors will increase price.

Please make us aware of heavily soiled interiors whilst booking.

All customer requests will be considered and we will endeavour to give a bespoke customer service.

What is Included?



  1. Pre-detail total inspection, checking materials to ensure correct treatment for each surface.

  2. Glass wiped down with premium glass cleaner.

  3. Dashboard, radio and clocks wiped down with matte dash spritz to remove dust, light marks and dirt.

  4. Intricate details in interor are agitated with soft brushes and mist detailing spray.

  5. Seats cleansed with material specific shampoo.

  6. Leather deep cleansed and treated.

  7. Steering wheel cleansed.

  8. Rubber trims and seals cleaned.

  9. Carpets vacuum cleaned with various ends to reach intricate areas.

  10. Pedals polished or cleansed depending on material.

  11. Protective coatings applied to seats, carpets and mats.

  12. Protective coating applied to plastics, clocks, radio and dash.

  13. Protective coating applied to steering wheel.

  14. Post-detail inspection.

  15. Customer collection and walk around, ensuring complete customer satisfaction before hand-over.

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