ABC Master Detail

70-120 Hours

1 week


This is the ultimate detail available, leaving nothing without total rejuvenation. 


From cleaning of the insides of wheels to new badges all round this is a no-limits journey to perfection.




















*When applying the Ceramic Coating package, an optional extra.

Parts other than those mentioned above are optional extras, please ask at the time of booking for best prices.

All customer requests will be considered and we will endeavour to give a bespoke customer service.

What is Included?


  1. Pre-detail total inspection, measuring and recording paint thickness.

  2. Extra parts ordered if replacements necessary.

  3. Interior glass wiped down with premium glass cleaner.

  4. Dashboard, radio and clocks wiped down with matte dash spritz to remove dust, light marks and dirt.

  5. Intricate details in interor are agitated with soft brushes and mist detailing spray.

  6. Seats cleansed with material specific shampoo.

  7. Leather deep cleansed and treated.

  8. Steering wheel cleansed.

  9. Rubber trims and seals cleaned.

  10. Carpets vacuum cleaned with various ends to reach intricate areas.

  11. Pedals polished or cleansed depending on material.

  12. Protective coatings applied to seats, carpets and mats.

  13. Protective coatings applied to plastics, clocks, radio and dash.

  14. Protective coatings applied to steering wheel.

  15. Customer collection and walk around, ensuring complete customer satisfaction before hand-over.

  16. Pre-detail rinse to remove loose dirt.

  17. A full Citrus Pre-wash of the car, removing dirt without physically touching the vehicle.

  18. Intricate details on the car are agitated with soft brushes to ensure no dirt is missed during the wash stage.

  19. Wheels removed from vehicle, washed front and back using a PH Neutral wheel cleaner and soft brushes, safe for any finish.

  20. Wheels refurbished from light kerbing and marks.

  21. Wheel arch plastics removed, washed & Decontaminated.

  22. Vehicle washed using a lambswool mitt and 2 buckets (One for rinse, one for wash to avoid putting dirt back on the car that could inflict swirls).

  23. Paintwork and wheels dab-dried with plush microfibre drying towels.

  24. Bonded iron contaminants removed from paint using De-ironizer.

  25. Bonded Tar contaminants removed using Tar dissolver.

  26. Any further contaminants such as tree sap and industrial fallout removed using fine automotive clay.

  27. Car rinsed and re-washed to remove traces of contaminants.

  28. Paint cleansed and wiped down in preparation for multiple-stage polish.

  29. Plastics and trims taped up and sealed up from polish contamination.

  30. Stone chips filled and blended in with paintwork.

  31. Paintwork machine polished with least abrasive polish necessary to acheive correction. wipe downs during to ensure true correction, not just filling.

  32. Paintwork machine polished with second 'jewelling' polish to increase gloss and bring paint to maximum shine.

  33. Paint cleansed and wiped down in preparation for protecton, allowing total bonding with the paintwork.

  34. Paint glazed if necessary to add shine and fill in any light swirls.

  35. Car sealant or wax of choice applied to paint, offering up to and beyond 2 years of protection*.

  36. Wheel sealant applied to wheels, giving up to and beyond a year of protection*.

  37. Old badges removed from bodywork to be replaced.

  38. New badges applied.

  39. Glass sealant applied to protect glass and reducing the need for windscreen wipers when driving at speed.

  40. Plastics and rubber sealed to avoid fading.

  41. Tyre Dressing applied giving a natural, satin or gloss finish depending on your preference.

  42. Brand new number plates applied.

  43. Final wipe down using a gloss-enhancing detailing spray.

  44. Post-detail inspection.

  45. Customer collection and walk around, ensuring complete customer satisfaction before hand-over.

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